Fire Safe CA

In 2013 the largest wildfire ever in the Sierra Nevada, the Yosemite National Park Rim Fire, took two months to fully contain and seared more than 250,000 acres. Scientists say that Californians should prepare for a future of more Yosemite National Park Rim Fires, fueled by climate change, drought, and forest mismanagement.

The San Francisco Peninsula Watershed located entirely in San Mateo County has been grossly mismanaged by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), National Park Service (NPS), Rancho Corral de Tierrra (NPS) California State Parks, Quarry-Wicklow Park (CSM), Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), Quarry -Wicklow Park Fuels Management Plan (POST) and  Mid-Peninsula Open Space District (MROSD) since the 1994 publishing of the San Francisco Watershed Management Plans Department Public Opinion Survey Report (POSR).


Summary of Public Opinion Survey Findings

* What watershed management goals are most important to the public?

Read 2 page Executive Summary: PDF of San Francisco Watershed Management Plans Public Opinion Survey Report PDF of San Francisco Watershed Management Plans Public Opinion Survey Report

The people surveyed placed the water quality and environmental protection first. Asked to say which goal of watershed management they thought most important.

  • 71% chose insuring water quality;
  • 21% said protecting the natural environment;
  • 5%, reducing cost to the customers;
  • 3%, providing access for recreation and education. ( See Section 2.3)

* Does the public want greater access to the watershed?

  • 25% of the sample indicated less public access should be allowed than now (1994);
  • 60% about the same as now;
  • 12% somewhat greater than now;
  • 4% much greater than now (See Section 2.4)
  • A large majority (80%) of the sample agreed with the proposition, “There are many other places in the Bay Area for people like me to go for outdoor recreation; the Alameda and Peninsula watersheds are NOT needed for that purpose!