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Oscar Alejandro Braun, born 1943, and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula, was employed by Johnson & Johnson for 28 years in their health care professional products division. Oscar provided the vision and creation of the DrSmiles Universal Self-Care Community That Your Doctor Prescribes. He is a highly trained retired professional open water instructor/research diver with over 41 years of experience (open/closed circuit & mix gases) with thousands of hours at depth all over the world. In 1995, Oscar Braun launched the web’s first online international dive travel guide “Oscar Knows” and was the first travel content provider for the launch of Travelocity.

In 1995, Oscar, at the request of former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Ronald Brown, incorporated the 501(c)3 “Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Foundation” dba Save Our Bay and California Watershed Posse In 1996, co-founders Oscar, Andrea Braun and the Foundation’s Clean Water Act legal counsel Alan Anthony Beaven, launched the EnvioBank of California. In the year 2000, Save Our Bay was invited by the California Fire Safe Council to become the first private sector community based non-profit organization to represent the San Francisco Peninsula Fire Safe Council “wildland areas” located entirely in the County of San Mateo.

Oscar holds an EPA certification for watershed stewardship and is considered an expert of the CEQA/NEPA environmental review process and environmental mitigation. As the Foundation Co-founder and CEO, Oscar is charged with leading the due diligence review of all proposed projects in the Coastal Zone of San Mateo County. He has led the environmental review efforts for the Devil’s Slide Hwy 1 Improvement Project, the unlicensed historic Johnston Ranch landfill in Half Moon Bay, the Lake Berryessa Visitors Service Plan and the SFO runway mitigation alternatives at the invitation of the SFO airport authority. His due diligence EIR review mission is to inform the public and its responsible officials of the environmental consequences of their decisions before they are made.


Co-Founder Secretary & Board Member Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation

Dr Andrea Braun’s esteemed career as dentist and health care professional provides a platform on which she connects her love of biology and science to a deep understanding of natural systems. Having spent 30 years serving the Bay Area community, as a Naval officer and as a private practitioner, Dr Braun grew to understand the delicate balance that communities must find to successfully protect its natural surroundings and resources for future generations. She develops, supports and guides California Watershed Posse’s philosophies and legacy projects.

As a Co-Founder of Save Our Bay, Andrea chairs the Coastal California Sustainability Task Force. Its mission will raise the individual’s awareness of their obligation to protect the natural systems that sustain our economy for the preservation of the families and the communities we all enjoy.


Board Member, Creative Marketing Director, Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation

Keith Impink is a California based artist and designer specializing in high impact brand elements, marketing expertise, and creative services. Born and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula, Keith has been contributing designs and web based volunteer work to the San Francisco Peninsula Fire Safe Council since its foundation. His portfolio spans decades and presents a variety of art samples ranging from rock n roll concert posters to murals, banners, signs and portraits . Keith Impink has designed for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Steve Miller Band,Bonnie Raitt, The Doobie Brothers and dozens of music and entertainment legends. As an entrepreneur Keith has contributed to the startups of many companies, including co-founding Rock N Roll Tequila and serving for nearly a decade as its creative director.

Alan Anthony Beaven, Co-founder CWPosse, In Memory

Alan Anthony Beaven

Age: 48
Hometown: Oakland, California
Occupation: Attorney with firm of Berman DeValerio Pease Tabacco Burt & Pucillo
Reason for travel: Business

Alan Anthony Beaven, 48, practiced law in his native New Zealand, then in England, New York, and most recently, California. After working as a prosecutor for Scotland Yard and as a securities and anti-trust attorney, Alan moved to Oakland, California where he found his niche in environmental litigation. His passions were his family, his spiritual journey, and protecting the Bay Area’s water quality, tirelessly prosecuting violators of the Clean Water Act. On September 11, Alan was flying to California to handle one last case. Then he, his wife, and their young daughter planned to leave for a year’s stay in India where Alan would provide legal advice regarding that country’s pollution and deforestation problems. Beaven is also survived by two sons.

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